Hydrologist - Annemieke van Doorn

Who am I?

After graduating from VU University Amsterdam in 2002 I have been active as an hydrologist. During my professional career I have been involved in a broad range of (geo)-hydrological projects and consultancy assignments. However, for the past few years my work focused mainly on regional modeling studies for spatial and urban planning, for example: river restoration, flood risk management, water supply, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and catchment analysis.

My passions in my work are:

  • Setting up projects; What is the best approach? Which method is most suited? What is the needed detail-level? What are the main processes that dominate the hydrological system?

  • To carry out analyses / modelprojects myself and/or coach other colleagues.

  • To invent and program tools to process data more efficiently, for example generating in- and output for models "automatically".

  • Projects that need a variety of expertise. I enjoy an advisory role based on my own expertise in an inter-disciplinary team. I always find it interesting to provide all parties with appropriate and field-relevant answers.


Recently I switched my job to KWR Watercycle Research Institute to be able to participate in research projects concerning fresh and salt water interaction and drinking water extraction and -protection. Before I worked for Royal HaskoningDHV as an intermediate hydrologist for almost 7 years and as a modelling expert at IF Technology, a Dutch company specialized in Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage (ATES) for almost 2.5 years.

I have carried out assignments in The Netherlands as well as abroad, having worked in China, India and Surinam (Dutch Guyana). I enjoy working in teams with experts from different cultural backgrounds and expertise. In my own time I have spend around 1,5 year in South-America, Central Asia and around the Himalaya enjoying beautiful mountain scenery and outdoor sports.

For my work I use the following software regularly: Modflow (with or without interface), MicroFEM, HSTWin, MLU and others such as: MATLAB, Menyanthes (time series analysis) and ArcGIS.

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